Broken Cisterns

Originally posted on Sharmaine Anna Dobson:
When I look around and see the broken cisterns that are you and me My hearts feels like exploding as I see your pain without healing water so much would be in vein I wish it were possible to pour the Balm of Gilead over you and immediately heal…

The weekend

In a world where we all work so hard to achieve our “grind”, we forget that our personal lives take a hammering. We are often so focussed on surviving that we don’t look at our personal happiness. For the past 3 years, my focus has been trying to build an empire for my daughters. I […]

This is the official First Post

  I will try not to be too dark in my posts and will try and shed some light on the Randomness of the Random Scribbles. Born 40 years ago to a mother who gave a shit about her child and did what she had to to make sure we had a good life. But […]